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Internship - Editorial and Data Journalism Assistant, Commercial Insights Team

This job posting is no longer active.

Company: Citeline
Location: London, United Kingdom
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Why Norstella? Norstella unites market-leading companies that all have a shared goal of improving patient access. Each organization (Citeline, Evaluate, MMIT, Panalgo, The Dedham Group) delivers must-have answers for critical strategic and commercial decision-making.
Together, we help our clients:
  • Assess the market need and competitive landscape
  • Know precisely which drugs to prioritize in their portfolios
  • Find out where the launch difficulties will be—before they’re difficulties
  • Track and improve market access post-launch
By combining the efforts of each organization under Norstella, we can offer an even wider breadth of expertise, cutting-edge data solutions and expert advisory services alongside advanced technologies such as real-world data, machine learning and predictive analytics.  At Norstella, we don’t just deliver information and insights. We deliver answers you can act on.
Citeline’s Pharma Insights are a suite of six specialized, subscription-only news and analysis products for the pharmaceutical, medtech and associated industries. Our global editorial team of 50+ journalists are based in seven countries across Europe, Asia and North America. This internship would be embedded in In Vivo, which provides in-depth, analytical features covering key issues affecting the sectors, but would also involve the opportunity to work on other publications, including Scrip and Pink Sheet. You will also work on projects with our data journalist. You will report to the editor in chief of Commercial Insights.


Produce original content based on Norstella data sets, interviews that you will conduct with pharma/medtech industry leaders and experts and additional reporting and research.
You will support the editor to prepare a special feature on the theme of “growth markets” and liaise with marketing colleagues to promote the August special edition. You will also work with our data journalist to transform Norstella data into actionable information for our readers.
You will:
  • Work with the editorial team on a data/market spotlight feature to be published for In Vivo’s August special theme of “growth markets”.
  • Liaise with marketing colleagues on social media promotion and e-book content creation for themed articles.
  • Help co-ordinate content contributions from the wider global editorial team.
  • Use Norstella databases to create datasets and visualizations for publication.
  • Validate data and techniques for internal technological solutions for publishing problems.
  • Process external copy and images for upload into the content management system.
  • Help to plan, record and edit an episode of the In Vivo podcast.


  • Contribute to one special feature published in August.
  • Contribute 2-5 additional shorter articles for In Vivo or other Citeline publications.
  • Provide appropriate materials to marketing colleagues to be used on social media and in an e-book.
  • Use our content management system to upload and publish additional content from internal and external contributors.
  • Work on at least one data-focused project.
  • See a podcast through from planning to publication, supporting the editorial team on content structure and technical delivery.


  • You would preferably have studied/worked in journalism, business strategy, biology/chemistry and/or data science, although these are not essential.
  • The key thing is to be excited about creating unbiased journalism that meets the needs of a specialized audience and answers the “so what?” questions so they can make business decisions.
  • You will need to be collaborative and creative, and keen to turn raw data into a compelling story.
  • You will need to think on your feet to come up with solutions to problems, and work with colleagues across different functions to bring a project to completion.
  • Our subject matter can be quite difficult – from clinical trials results to drug mechanisms, from financial reporting to corporate dealmaking and from pharmaceutical regulations to health reimbursement policy – so you need to be quick to pick up new concepts and able to parse through large amounts of information to find key points of relevance.
Internship dates: June 17th - September 6th
What an internship at Norstella can offer you
A successful internship typically involves a combination of personal growth, skill development, and meaningful contributions to the organization. Here's what to expect during your time at Norstella: 
  • Learning Opportunities: You will be provided with ample opportunities for learning and skill development. You’ll gain new knowledge about your field of study or interest through hands-on experience, mentorship, training sessions, and exposure to real-world projects. 
  • Meaningful Projects: You can expect challenging tasks and projects that are relevant to your skills and interests, allowing you to make meaningful contributions to the organization. These projects will range dependent upon department and experience. 
  • Mentorship and Guidance: As a Norstella intern, you will be assigned a buddy, outside of your department, who will help navigate challenges, set goals, and develop professionally. 
  • Networking Opportunities: Networking can lead to future job opportunities and valuable professional relationships. During your time with Norstella, you will participate in a 3-day professional learning onsite conference to connect with fellow interns and other professionals within the Norstella organization. 
  • Growth Through Feedback and Evaluation: Regular feedback sessions are essential to understand strengths, areas for improvement, and progress toward your goals. Frequent and meaningful feedback will help develop your skills, ensuring you make the most of your internship experience. 
Overall, a successful internship at Norstella is one where you will have the opportunity to gain valuable skills and experiences, contribute meaningfully to the organization, and leave with a positive impression of both the company and the field in which you are interning. 
The guiding principles for success at Norstella: 
01:  Bold, Passionate, Mission-First 
We have a lofty mission to Smooth Access to Life Saving Therapies and we will get there by being bold and passionate about the mission and our clients.  Our clients and the mission in what we are trying to accomplish must be in the forefront of our minds in everything we do.  
02:  Integrity, Truth, Reality
We make promises that we can keep, and goals that push us to new heights.  Our integrity offers us the opportunity to learn and improve by being honest about what works and what doesn’t.  By being true to the data and producing realistic metrics, we are able to create plans and resources to achieve our goals.  
03:  Kindness, Empathy, Grace
We will empathize with everyone's situation, provide positive and constructive feedback with kindness, and accept opportunities for improvement with grace and gratitude.  We use this principle across the organization to collaborate and build lines of open communication.  
04:  Resilience, Mettle, Perseverance
We will persevere – even in difficult and challenging situations.  Our ability to recover from missteps and failures in a positive way will help us to be successful in our mission.
05:  Humility, Gratitude, Learning
We will be true learners by showing humility and gratitude in our work.  We recognize that the smartest person in the room is the one who is always listening, learning, and willing to shift their thinking.  
Equal Opportunities Statement
Norstella is an equal opportunities employer and do not discriminate on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, marital or civil partner status, pregnancy or maternity, gender reassignment, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, disability or age. Our ethos is to respect and value people’s differences, to help everyone achieve more at work as well as in their personal lives so that they feel proud of the part they play in our success. We believe that all decisions about people at work should be based on the individual’s abilities, skills, performance and behaviour and our business requirements. Norstella operates a zero tolerance policy to any form of discrimination, abuse or harassment. We know that sometimes the 'perfect candidate' doesn't exist, and that sometimes the best opportunities are hidden by self-doubt. We disqualify ourselves before we have the opportunity to be considered. Regardless of where you came from, how you identify, or the path that led you here, you are welcome. If you read this job description and feel engaged and excited, we’d love to see you apply.